Are “Custom Fidget Spinners” Going To Be Your New Finger Addiction Toy?


Create custom fidget spinner

Late 2016 and early 2017, a fidget toy known as Fidget Spinners or Hand Spinners have dominated Amazon best seller rank in toy section. These simple devices can help people with attention disorders or ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder Association). ADHD people always want to keep their fingers busy when trying to stay focus or doing their work. Those people usually spins a pen or bite their fingernails constantly.




These Fidget Spinners solve their problems. Fidget Spinners have a lot of different shapes and colors; however, they have one thing in common – every hand spinner needs a 608 ceramic bearing regardless of its shapes.  608 ceramic bearing is the most common bearing to put into a Fidget Spinner, so picking a good quality bearing to build a Fidget Spinner is very important.


As mentioned before, the shapes, the designs, the material  of Fidget Spinners are very different, depending on personal preference. Metal and ABS plastic are the most comment material to build a fun custom Fidget Spinner. Usually metal frame is way more expensive than plastic frame. Since their principle is all the same (using 608 ceramic bearings), it’s very easy to build a good quality Fidget Spinner under $20 out of ABS plastic. It can spin for a long time.

Custom Fidget Spinner 1x

Metal custom Fidget Spinner Frame

Once 608 ceramic bearing and a metal or plastic frame is ready, 2 to 3 pieces of balanced weighted mass are needed to add to the custom Fidget Spinner frame, rotating around it. The more weighted mass you put on your custom fidget spinner, the longer it can spin.

Balanced Weighted Mass for Custom Fidget Spinner

Blue custom fidget spinner


That’s how simple it is to build a high quality custom fidget spinner. The key component is its 608 ceramic bearing. Find a good quality 608 ceramic bearing is essential.

In Summary, to build a fun custom Fidget Spinner finger toy, we just need to shop for the following:

  • 608 Ceramic bearing ( 1 piece ) for the middle slot of the Fidget Spinner
  • ABS plastic frame or metal frame ( plastic is way cheaper than metal)
  • Balanced weighted mass  2 to 2 pieces, depending on what frame you purchase


Shop most of the material on WYN-Marts Custom Fidget Spinner section under 6 dollars.


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